The Missions Ministry of Oasis believes that all members of the church body are called to proclaim, both locally and globally, the Good News of Christ Jesus. 


We believe that all people are God’s children and all need to be given the opportunity to hear about His love, grace and mercy – and to grow in their faith once they accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  


As a local church body we accomplish this global aspect through short-term missions trips. Trips can be comprised of evangelical or work-focused teams based on the leading of the Holy Spirit and the make-up of the particular team. 


Currently, there are three areas of ministry: Haiti, Honduras, and Kenya. We serve God by serving others on two 10-12 day trips per year, one trip to two of the three ministry areas on a rotating schedule.

For more information contact Mike Gadwah at mike@celebratethejourney.org.

Anyone interested in joining a missions team must attend a Missions-101 class, you only need to attend this class once. 

Our Next Mission...

Oasis Summer Missions Trip to Children's Rescue Mission, Teupasenti, Honduras.

July 21st through July 28th

Currently, airfare is very low so the total cost for the trip is $1350. As the cost of airfare increases, so will the trip cost.The deposit to lock in the low cost is $400, payable to Oasis.

Contact Mike Gadwah for more information