We would like to encourage you to engage in this opportunity to worship, learn, and grow in your journey with Christ.

We see ourselves as part of "The Church" (the extremely diverse group of people, world-wide, who follow Jesus Christ).  But we're also unique and distinct. We're less about preaching a religion, and more about creating opportunities for people to cultivate the spiritual side of their lives. We practice Christian spirituality. That is, we try to listen to and live by the example set for us through Jesus Christ.

We know that following Jesus does not remove uncertainty or difficulty from our lives, in fact, the opposite is often true!  Even so we're willing to listen to and learn from each other in order to find hope, meaning, and truth together within the struggles and uncertainties.

We welcome people at any place on their spiritual journey to join us as we wrestle with the truths of Jesus Christ.  Questions are always welcome, easy answers are not guaranteed.


Oasis Church