Our Vision

We are not interested in an attractional approach to ministry, having the latest, greatest, biggest and best to get people in the door. We don’t believe we need to sell the Gospel, but live it. We believe a church needs to take the Gospel to people and not make people come to them. Jesus left the glory of Heaven to live with us here on earth. We then should follow His example and go to people, get out of our comfort zones and live like Jesus. Church needs to be outside the walls affecting all the people we meet. Sunday is our day to celebrate what God is doing through us every day. 

We believe the Gospel is what will bring people into a relationship with Jesus. If that is what we use to attract them, then that is all we need to keep them, living and preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, unapologetically. We want to call people to live a missional, Christ centered life. If our church grows it will be because we are living the Gospel, not marketing it.

A driving passion of Oasis is church not simply being a building, teaching, music or programs, but Church being the body of Christ sharing life together. When someone hurts, we all hurt. When someone rejoices, we all rejoice. If all we do is Sunday mornings – we have nothing. If all we have are programs – we have nothing. If we have a group of people seeking to live the life the Bible teaches and calls us to live – we will have everything.