Volunteer Schedules

Due to COVID-19, these schedules may not be accurate.  Schedules will be updated as soon as possible.  Please see the newsletter for weekly volunteer updates.  Thank you.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! 

If you are a volunteer in any of the following ministries and you are unable to work the date of your scheduled shift please locate a volunteer to who is willing to switch or work your shift first, if there are no available volunteers then contact your Ministry Leader. 

2020 Announcement Schedule

Mike Gadwah at mike@celebratethejourney.org

Children's Church Schedule

Melissa Rowe at melissa@celebratethejourney.org

2020 Nursery Schedule

Melanie Eaton at melanie@celebratethejourney.org

FIT Team Schedule

Matt Gleeson at mattg@celebratethejourney.org

Coffee& Schedule

Debra Eccles at debra@celebratethejourney.org

Facilities Schedule **Updated June 17, 2020**

John and Mary Ann Croce at maryann@celebratethejourney.org

2020 (Through May) Worship and Tech Schedule

Pastor Dennis at dennis@celebratethejourney.org

Welcome Breakfast Schedule

Matt Planeta at matt@celebratethejourney.org