Volunteer Schedules

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! 

If you are a volunteer in any of the following ministries and you are unable to work the date of your scheduled shift please locate a volunteer to who is willing to switch or work your shift first, if there are no available volunteers then contact your Ministry Leader. 

2020 Announcement Schedule

Mike Gadwah at mike@celebratethejourney.org

Children's Church Schedule

Melissa Rowe at melissa@celebratethejourney.org

2020 Nursery Schedule

Melanie Eaton at melanie@celebratethejourney.org

FIT Team Schedule

Matt Gleeson at mattg@celebratethejourney.org

Coffee& Schedule

Debra Eccles at debra@celebratethejourney.org

Facilities Schedule

John and Mary Ann Croce at maryann@celebratethejourney.org

2020 (Through May) Worship and Tech Schedule

Pastor Dennis at dennis@celebratethejourney.org

Welcome Breakfast Schedule

Matt Planeta at matt@celebratethejourney.org