On-line Giving

Welcome to the JoyBox On-line!

Your financial gifts are always appreciated and we are honored that you have considered giving via the JoyBox on-line.  Your financial gift helps to further our mission; "To partner with God in His redemptive mission in the world".

You may use either a checking account, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card to submit your gifts and charitable contributions on-line;

simply click on the 'Give' link below.

We highly recommend that you create an account so that you will be able to view all of your giving history [even if you don't give through the JoyBox On-line], manage family and personal information, and schedule reoccurring gifts.  If you make a donation on-line without an account you may need to re-enter your financial credentials each time you give on-line to Oasis Church.

Thank You;

The Board of Finance