Prayer Requests

You can choose the privacy you wish with the pull down menus below.  The prayer request will only be delivered to the email address.  That email is monitored by the church admin and by the Elders.  Once your prayer request has been received, an email will be sent to the Oasis Prayer Chain and will show below with the amount of information you choose.  Under "Public Visibility," we recommend blocking your email and phone number, as our Oasis website is open to the public.  Choose what you are comfortable with under "Church Staff Visibility."

To show that you have prayed, you may click the button with the praying hands.  Online prayer requests will be deleted from this page after a period of 7 days.  Feel free to resubmit your prayer request as many times as you need.


Please pray for my daughter Molly. She is under a high anxiety situation with work, selling her home, and physical symptoms, She is not a believer. Thank you.


Requesting prayer for a friends son Jesse who is at Yale in cardiac icu. He has meningitis that is affecting his heart. Family is asking for prayers…. Jesse is 18 years old and set to graduate high school in June