Among some of the most important ministries of any church are those that seem to go unnoticed, hardly catch the edge of the limelight, yet their absence would most definitely catch the eye [or nose] of even the least observant.  The FIT Team, Coffee-&, Tech, and Facilities all contribute to the attitude, atmosphere, and appeal of our community and worship center.  Having just one opportunity to make a first impression the Hospitality Ministries of Oasis Church speaks to our visitors what our introductions may have neglected to mention.

FIT Team

The volunteers of the First Impression Team are the friendly faces of Oasis Church extending a hand or a hug with a smile across our foyers each Sunday morning.  They help break the ice, soothe anxious minds, and crack smiles across acres of zoned-out, non-morning-people face-scapes.  They're a real boost to our stride and makes welcome everyone who enters our doors.

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The Volunteer Crews of Coffee-& do an amazing feat by providing refreshments to those attending Oasis Worship Services extending our fellowship time with homemade and store bought treats and snacks.  Kids can run and play, teens can chill, while the adults chat over hot Keurig brew.  The Coffee-& Ministry a quick calm before headed home or on a Sunday Drive.

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Sights, sounds, worship!  There's more than just a one-man-show happening during any given worship service.  There's the guy who makes everyone sound good, there's the guy who makes the slides look good, there's the ladies who decorated four hours the night before for the holidays.  Sure, Pastor Dennis could teach to us through a megaphone but five minutes into his sermon you'll be glad he didn't.  And this is why we have a Tech Ministry, they make us look and sound great!

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Tarō Gomi once wrote a children's book about what everyone does. It's nice to know that there's a team of folks in the Facilities Ministry who make sure there's something available to wipe it all away.  Among other things like clean windows, carpets, floors, and table linens, the Facility Volunteers make us look as good as it gets.

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