Our Purpose:

Our sole purpose and mission is to strengthen, equip, and challenge children in their journey of following Christ through a variety of fun and engaging means. It is vital that these elementary years be spent learning and growing more in their relationship with God and his Son Jesus. In a world where children will continue to encounter temptation more and more, it is vital that the Oasis’ Children’s Church & Nursery Ministry teach and equip children in such a way that will help them develop a lifestyle that follows the leading of God’s Holy Spirit.

Our Vision:

The vision of the Children's Church and Nursery Ministry at Oasis is to promote an environment which actively engages children in learning more about God and His Word while allowing their parents peace-of-mind concerning their safety as they encounter God during the adult, worship service.

In addition, we believe that learning about God should not only be a fun and dynamic experience, but also an opportunity to get serious, take challenge to put what they’ve learned into practice in their own lives, and deepen their relationship with God overall. We desire that Children’s Church be a ministry to which children look forward to coming back and inviting their friends.

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